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#3. Aktiv MP3 Recorder (Windows)

Like our product features? This music recorder can record music from practically any online streaming music such as Spotify to mp3, even online video sources too. Most of the similar streaming recorder required that install a virtual sound card on your computer. It is really annoying and can drive you to go crazy.

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We have come up with a CAC Core Audio Capture technology that can record sound from core audio rather than from the sound card. These filters own all the external sounds and the output that you get out of it is excellent and crystal clear. Download It Now. As you may know, download music from unknown source is illegal and unsafe. Recording music from your own computer sound card and use it for your personal is total legal like recording online radio. When you talking about copyright law about audio recording, there are 2 important aspect of the copyright law relating to audio recordings.

Check the quoted part as below and we have marked important part in red.

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First, the basic right of copying is outlined in section Prohibition on certain infringement actions No action may be brought under this title alleging infringement of copyright based on the manufacture, importation, or distribution of a digital audio recording device, a digital audio recording medium, an analog recording device, or an analog recording medium, or based on the noncommercial use by a consumer of such a device or medium for making digital musical recordings or analog musical recordings.

This is often used to stop distribution of certain copying programs. Replay Music operates by recording what comes out of the PC speakers, using capabilities built into Windows. The underlying technology behind Replay Music has been in use since at least Below is the important part of the DMCA as it relates to copying and circumventing copy protection systems:. A is primarily designed or produced for the purpose of circumventing a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title;. B has only limited commercially significant purpose or use other than to circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title; or.

Make the software easy to use for users that means we have to think more. We only design 1 button for our users, so you can easily to find out where and how to use this software.

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Nothing else to bother you. After you clicked the only button, you can leave your computer and let it do rest for you. Or, perhaps you want to stream games online—screen recording software can help with that too. Check with an attorney if you're not sure.

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Also, it's becoming popular to create screen recordings or screen captures for personal use. For example, you may want to take a screenshot of a software problem you're having to show it to technical support. Whatever the need, the Mac recording software you choose to invest in is important.

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You'll want the best screen capture or screen recording software for your Mac to ensure that it meets your needs. If you're a Mac user, you may wonder what your options are when it comes to recording software for Macs. The answer is: there are plenty of options! First, I'll provide an overview of some of the best free screen recorder software for Macs and some free screen capture software as well.

Next, I'll list some premium options for Mac recording software and screen capture software so that you can choose the best package for your needs. If your project is on a tight budget, you may not be able to spend much on Mac recording software. But don't give up. There are plenty of free and open source screen capture and screen recording software options for the Mac. Here's a great list of options to try:. OBS Studio is a popular open source Mac recording software tool that works well for live streaming games on Twitch and recording other information as well.

Mix material from more than one source to create a single recording. If you're not live streaming, it also includes some good edit options. One drawback to OBS Studio is the learning curve. Users report that there's not much training material included with the download.

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Fortunately, the software seems to be catching on—so third-party tutorials and videos are available. Monosnap is a free and highly-rated screenshot editor that you can download from the Mac App Store. You'll find that it includes many screen capture features that you'd find in more expensive software such as editing and annotation capabilities. While you may think of Monosnap as primarily screen capture software for Macs, there's also a video tool that lets you use it as Mac recording software. One helpful feature is the ability to stop your recording and then start again. This tool has good basic functionality that'll work well for many projects.

If you need more advanced capabilities, you may wish to look at one of the premium tools. This browser-based tool does not support streaming, so if you're wanting to use Mac screen recording software to broadcast games or other information this tool may not be for you.

But for other screen recording projects, this tool could work.

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  5. If you need more than the free version offers, there's also a premium version called Apowersoft Unlimited that includes all Apowersoft products. For a free screen capture tool, TinyTake comes with a lot of perks. It's easy to use and has some useful features. It includes a free cloud storage service with 2GB of storage. You can annotate videos. And if you create a lot of screen recordings, bulk file sharing is available. If you need more features, there's also a premium version. There are a few drawbacks to this Mac screen capture software though. First, your screen recordings are limited to five minutes.

    Secondly, you can't stream games using this tool important to know if that's the reason you're wanting screen capture software for a Mac. Like so many other Mac screen recording software tools, there's a premium version of the software available too. However, this basic tool may be enough for some projects. Plus, there are quite a few tutorials right on their website to make learning it easier.

    This free version is hosted on their site and has a watermark, which could be annoying. Also, free users can't use the computer audio system or record the full screen. And, you're limited to a minute recording with the free version. Jing is a basic screen capture tool from TechSmith, a company which also developed Camtasia and Snagit see our discussion of Premium Screen Recording Software for Macs below. Although it's an older tool, Jing still has a following and it's still useful. TechSmith is known for having excellent training materials, and Jing is no exception.

    You'll find plenty of written and video tutorials on their site. Plus, there's some nifty features like the Capture Hotkey and the ability to copy an image from your screen into an email or document. This free Mac screen recording app has a four-star rating on the Mac App store. It was designed to allow you to make and share GIF screen recordings quickly through application's server. One drawback is that this tool doesn't record audio. Another drawback is that your recordings are limited to five minutes.

    If you can work within those constraints, this tool might be for you. Quick Time Player comes installed on your Mac—so you probably already have it. Although you'd think it can only play videos from its name, it does have some basic recording abilities and can be a good tool for that purpose. It even has some limited editing capabilities, or you can use iMovie also free to edit it. ActivePresenter is a Mac screen recorder that bills itself as an all-in-one tool.

    The free edition lets you record your screen as a full-motion video, complete with audio. You'll also have access to a range of annotations such as shapes, zoom-n-pan, closed caption, and more. However, it'll add a watermark to non-supported file formats. To get rid of the watermark, you'll need to upgrade to one of the premium versions. This screen recorder app lets you take screenshots or videos quickly and easily.

    You can even add shapes and text as you record. With the free version, however, your file format output is limited to WEBM. Also, your video recording time is limited. If you find yourself needing more features, you can upgrade to the Pro version. If your screen recording project needs a more full-featured tool, you may want to consider a premium Mac screen recording software tool. These tools tend to have more functionality, suitable for most professional projects.

    Many of these tools offer a trial version try-before-you-buy option—I'll point those out as we go. Here are some of the best screen recorders for Mac that you can buy:. As someone who creates tutorials professionally, I've found Camtasia from TechSmith to meet my screen recording needs. The Mac version of this recording software is just as full-featured as the Windows version. You'll find you've got a full set of editing and special effect features including the ability to draw on the screen, do annotations, blur, add captions, and more.