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Sausage Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in Crock Pot Lentil & Kale Soup Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode Low Calorie · Low Carb · Low Cholesterol · Low Fat · Mac and Cheese.

Au- first performances, but now quickly becoming going again to see this latest addition. Mr Duc diences around the world have enjoyed his the talk of the town, Mr Duc has introduced is more than an accomplished musician; he is a playing, as he has toured in the USA, France something new. Throughout the show, Mr Duc phenomenon.

In his hands, Vietnamese tradi- and Ireland. Later this year, you will find him dressed in almost shamanistic clothing, ap- tional music is safe and fresher even than the in Belfort, France. Here he appears in a day it was born! They Hon Viet Soul of Vietnam plays twice show. One of monthly in the 15th and 23rd starting at five p. There was a spicy green yoghurt sauce to dip them into. Then there was mildly dishes spicy baby corn and curried potato with cauli- flower.

A chicken Shish Tauk or chicken kebab with onions and green pepper was the final tid- bit. I found the spices used fairly mild, although the palate was left with a fairly hot aftertaste. If you do dine here, management informed me that dishes are served to the level of spiciness requested by the customer.

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All of this was a lengthy warm-up for the main dishes, to which by the time they arrived, I had hardly enough space in my stomach to do justice. There was culinary theatre as the chef arrived and vigorously cooked stir-fried veg- Photos: Ba Han etable rice in a wok Biriyani. My daughter and I were surprised to see the women folk had risen excitedly to watch this spectacle by the male chef, while the men, not battling an eye- lid, carried on with their chatting. Serves six Roll the mixture above into small balls.

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Deep fry them with high Ashoka new branch strategically placed which came as a thick broth with a sweet-and- Minced pork: Continue in Thao Dien ward of District sour flavour achieved from peppers. Jicama or also Yam Bean: I was invited to its the morsels into your mouth but the spices salad, herbs such as fish mint, sesame leaves, Grand Opening to taste some leave your stomach with a kind of afterglow that basil and water mint and rice vermicelli.

Grilled shrimp on suGer cane spice samples of its delights. We had been Salt, sugar, MSG sodium salt , black pepper. Serves six The new branch is housed given quite an introduction to what this restau- preparation: Giant tiger prawns: Indian atmos- tensive menu, there is so much more to dice it; Shred and squeeze Jicama, taro, and car- Spice: Salt, sugar, MSG sodium salt , black route to phere is achieved with long discover that it could have the more adventur- rot until they are dried.

Minced green onion only the white mural photographs and a Hindu shrine.

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There Whilst when we arrived things were laid out ous coming back for quite a few trips before Mix all the above with salt, sugar, MSG, black part. The they will have savoured it all. It is Herbs such as fish mint, sesame leaves, basil area. Cooks have been hired from the mother with soft drinks, beer and whisky. The serving centre of town to enjoy excellent Indian food. Fry the rolls in hot oil until they are golden preparation: By PiP de RouvRay dian food without the Vietnamese characteris- ities of the house all spiked on skewers.

I had know it will retain its personal touch, we hope brown.

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Serve with herbs, salad, vermicelli and Peel and devein shrimp, wash and dry then B efore the eighteenth century and for tics I have experienced in some foreign food been expecting thick curries. I learned from my it will continue to open branches in places sweet and sour fish sauce. However, down roots. This family-run restaurant is mak- Shrimp cake half of each sugar cane stick with a thick layer of civilisations - Funan, Chenla, Champa is local.

Ashoka specialises in the cuisine of Northern ing a fine contribution in helping Saigon to be- ingredients: Serves six the mixture above. As the French developed Saigon This opening would have been an all-Indian India, most especially in Tandoori dishes come known not only as a fine go-ahead Giant tiger prawn: This was her first experi- breads such as chapati, naan and paratha. Today, while ence of an Indian gathering. Minced green onion and dill. She was tured. I first enjoyed their also getting quite hungry too as Indians start one for me. Now they have opened a dinner quite late compared to most folk.

I almost saw my favourite actress Meryl The mustard I was brought was no squeeze bot- out here until Also, here at the top area, Steep standing alone at the end of the pier pining tle supermarket one, but real Mc Coy French there is a brick stupa type building which serves for her lover across the English Channel. My wife remarked on the attention to hy- as toilets. The architecture of the villas housing There is fine dining in an atmospheric set- giene and how clean the place is.

The restaurant itself, with its A hotel like this can have everything you is also Cham influenced. Down at the swim- black columns, is like a traditional common wish, but if the service is not up to scratch you ming pool area there is a brick colonnade with house. We sat out on the terrace at night with may be disappointed. Not so here; the staff is ex- friezes of Cham musicians and asparas dancing girls. Now, as you are led to your room, you will be taken aback by the stunning hang- ing gardens.

I cannot compare, but Baby- lon surely could not have surpassed this. A carpet of wild greenery bejewelled with Photo: Pip de Rouvray dandelion and marigold sweeps down the gently-sloping cliff pathway. There are flamboyant trees with their flaming red flowers in bloom in the summer months. There is red and white bougainvillea galore and swatches of white and yellow frangi- pani and jasmine. Then there are palms Mui Ne hotel that is posh and a tree bearing purple flowers whose name I do not know.

Of great economic Photo: Look out too for the rice terraces with frogs that croak loudly when it rains By PiP de RouvRay and which are protected by a scarecrow as B each resorts catering to mass tourism in the sunny Crimean, but nothing is over- doors a few months ago. However, Turning off the road into an open courtyard Our spacious octagonal room was housed the breeze playing in palm trees and the mur- tremely attentive. Not once did we carry our bags Vietnam and I am happy to report that if you are looking for something more secluded, and reception area, the theme of the Poshanu in one of the villas.

The ceiling was raised in a muring of waves hitting the shore. Out at sea a single metre and when we were leaving, the gar- the mistakes that were made at such recently some literally high-end places have Resort immediately becomes apparent. The tent-like structure. Here I noticed concern for was a long line of lights from a fishing fleet that dening staff downed tools, leaping to assist us.

In the night sky, the When the time did come to leave, my Spain so far have not repeated here. Passing by a few years ago, I A Cham tower looms above. This is a replica of there was a smoke detector. There was a four- constellation of the Swan shone brightly. We teenage daughter protested and asked to be glued strip at that beautiful strand of sand called Mui viewed this area as wasteland but human inge- one of the Cham towers we passed by just a mile poster bed with netting, though we were not had chosen a classic Vietnamese set meal for to a hotel chair.

For the next few days her talk was Ne is certainly busy and at times with all the nuity is boundless. The pick of the small bunch or so back. These are also called Poshanu, after bothered by insects. There was also a screen three. This hotel pays with a brass Cham portrait behind which was a ally good value.

It was priced at VND, per rejuvenated wife said she no longer felt tired as grey stone washing area and bathroom.

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The fur- person with all taxes included. There were she does in Saigon with all the noise and motor- nishings and fittings were of dark and cherry spring rolls, strips of tender pork cooked in a clay bikes. The luxury accommodation, the gardens, hardwood and the flooring parquet. As I opened my eyes in the morning, I was Cobia.

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This all came accompanied by fluffy family of three. Coffee, tea and dessert came included-one connotations of pompousness. Poshanu Resort Champa restaurant and swimming pool. Beyond are mangosteen, durian and taro. Incidentally, was a private beach-no motorbikes streaking when you check in, you are presented with a Poshanu Resort across the sand and no vendors- and a jutting coupon for a complimentary scoop.

My thoughts took me not to the Cham but wide range of choices both Vietnamese and Email: I decided to test the quality of their in- www. Specifically I felt I was gredients. When I asked to see what kind of www.

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  4. The sky went The traditional pizza was a good as large at from aquamarine to turquoise to I had enjoyed in Italy. The chocolate midnight blue, and I headed to my mousse was exquisite. When I was room, with its stunning view of the scraping the dish to salvage a little ocean. I have decided that I sat under the beach umbrella the Swiss-Belhotel Golden Sand and I sank into more than one lus- about the resort, noting exercise stuff of customer service legend. There were mountain bikes highlighted all the resort had to at once sell it to live out the rest of sea. Its endless murmurings lity that pervaded my senses.

    My room was equipped with a for rent, a spa and massage centre, offer. We decided to meet in the Piazza Boccaccio, named after Certaldo's most famous resident and the author of The Decameron. It was raining.

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    I waited for Linh beside the statue of Boccaccio and leaned against his stone cape for shelter. Across from me was an old cathedral, unremarkable except for its immense wooden doors, which seemed immovable to me at first, until I watched them open and slowly release a cortege of mourners. That's when Linh appeared, greeting me and pointing to the funeral just in case I might have missed it.


    We left the procession to its own workings and proceeded up the steep road to Linh's residence at Via Valdracca 2, just inside the old city walls. I ended up staying for ten days. In the course of our nightly conversations, he often circled back to the topic of contemporary Vietnam and Vietnamese poetry. Shortly before his Italian journey, he had lived in Vietnam for two and a half years, between and Tinh Khuc Tran Thien Thanh 33 listeners. Da Lat Hoang Hon 23 listeners. Phan Gai Thuyen Quyen 10 listeners.

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