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Even with all the settings turned down, this version is so stuttery as to be unplayable on a MacBook Pro. Mind you, the Windows version runs perfectly smooth on highest settings on the same system.

SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition on Steam

Oh, and if that isn't enough for you, there's the issue of price. I've basically stopped buying Mac games since the Intel switch, and things like this are exactly why. The game is ridiculously slow.

Now, if you think the high settings are to blame, think again: the computer is more than capable of handling it. When I boot into Windows XP Pro and play the same game with the same settings and screen resolution, the game is has smooth frame rates and responds quickly.

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Aspyr: please wake up on this. We want to seriously enjoy this amazing game without being hampered by performance bugs, and without having to rely on Windows.

The game wasn't made for Intel Macs, such as your Mac Pro. That's why it's slow. Maybe they will release an update for Intel Macs.

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It clearly doesn't "fly" on a Mac Pro with 3gb of ram I love this game Problems with interface. My tool bar moves sometimes over the city and parts of the city break up as I move from one side of the screen to the other.

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If I just let it sit for a minute, everything catches up and the game will work again. C"om On, I have a pretty fine mac with lots of ram and of video. I have installed the updater, which fixed the water system bug, but it seems as if the game overpowers this fast mac of mine and no new updates for over a year. Please help.

Installing the SC4 Universal Binary Patch on Mac

I have got the same problem and even aspyr support could not resolve it Do you have a solution already? When ever I launch the game It switches to a resolution that my monitor cant display,so I bought the game and havent even played it yet. How can I set the resolution before I launch the game? If anyone can help me I would be greatly appreciated. This is a sad conversion. Running this on a 1.

SimCity 4: Rush Hour Mac v1.1 Rev A Patch file

But not many people are lucky enough to have a top end Mac at their disposal. Why release a game when it obviously has so many problems?

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  5. I added the emac's graphics card in the "Video cards. I think the packaging shamefully misleads buyers with the stated system requirements. Or do you want to get down and dirty with The Sims in your streets, taking on missions that have you hurtling down highways in a tank? From Mac OS The open beta status of this patch is intended to let the user of this patch provide us with feedback as to how well it works. Feel free to provide us with feedback as to how well it is working, or what you would like fixed in the patch.

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    Emulating this? It should run fine under: QEMU. Disclaimer: All contents found on the Macintosh Repository website is uploaded by fans and is known to be abandonware but if you find copyrighted material on this archive, please let us know and a moderator will remove it. SimCity 4 Deluxe.