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As an intermediary between your network and the websites you visit, a local proxy server can help improve the throughput of your broadband connection, restore order to a troubled network, and in some cases can help protect your network from malware infections. A 'proxy' means a substitute. To the computers on the local network, a proxy server is another way to connect directly to the web by giving the user a different IP address. There are several different types of proxy servers.

For example, a web proxy server keeps copies of recently accessed web pages on your hard disk. When you navigate to a page, the proxy accesses the cached version if it's up to date. This is faster than downloading static files from the site.

Enter proxy server settings on Mac

You may be tempted to disable the proxy settings in your browser to view sites your boss would rather you didn't during work hours. However, to ensure that everyone on the network uses the proxy to access the internet, system administrators often block all access to the internet at their firewall, except traffic coming from or going to the proxy. So to access anything outside the local network, you must use the proxy. Forcing everyone to use the proxy gives system administrators great control over what their users can access.

The same principle can be used at home by parents and those simply keen to bolster security. If you find unexpected access attempts in a firewall's log file from inside a proxy-protected network, they're probably coming from malware that doesn't know how to test for a local proxy and has tried to go directly online. As the name suggests, public proxies are free and open to the public, while private proxies are used by only one person.

Because of the influx of users, public proxies are often far less effective than private ones. But im taking fire about the squid and iptables rules Someone can post here your squid. I think its already the final step, after all! Jun 6 , AM. Group: Newbie Posts: 0 Joined: Jun Jun 6 , PM. But now, after the echo command, it gives error, like dont have internet, if i put this proxy settign on notebook browsers! Without proxy, the internet works fine on notebook, sharing this with desktop! Some clue about this tips?

Saying Thanks:

Jun 7 , AM. I fix the echo thing With no proxy at all, teh internet works fine on laptop Didi you have some idea why squid is not working properly? First of all, install switch proxy toolbar for firefox. Then add localhost with port See whether you can browser the Internet. Some sites i can access, other dont! The mozilla addon site, i can access with no proxy, with 80 proxy and with proxy the google, no deal! Just with no proxy Jun 8 , AM. CPU Usage: 0. Some clue? Jun 9 , AM. Jun 10 , AM. Really thanks for the support until now bads Jun 12 , AM. I almost made it!!! Just a little step to go!

The system returned: connection refused. It happens with squid on and apache off. My apache does not accept i use the parameter Listen in ports. My ports.

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But in the ps3 dont Because in the ps3 this procedure dont works Now i just have one wall on my way: Discover a link for a psn demo My squid catch the link of the f h actually, now in the end of this link is not "fah" anymore, byt "lwp" - life with playstation But the squid didnt catch the link of demo games Could someone gimme some link, like infamous or something from US psn? Jun 12 , PM. Hi guys Here goes my doubts: Bads: Sure the fah method still working???

Vorchiel says the fah method does not works anymore Almost works! The playstation begins to download the correct file with 1. Vorchiel: This site is the one whos im using to try download the gt prologue What should i do? Before i forget, thanks for the support until now guys No, problemo. Jun 13 , AM. OK, now we have two walls: First: I made it! I downloaded some files by localhost!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some clue about these 2 issues??

Bads: That link have just a mb file Thats a shame Jun 13 , PM. Just smaller games than the killzone2 demo are downloadable The cache size was a smart try, since it was in mb Jun 21 , AM. What happen if i get the pkg file, transform it in an iso and save to a dvd and put on ps3? Someone already try do it? Jun 21 , PM. Jun 22 , AM. The website link Jun 5 , AM. I was using regex, but now it does not works anymore Ps3 stills using proxy to acess internet.

I suppose sony make a trick and is passing by it! The major prove of it is the internet does not disconnect from ps3 when i restart the squid before, when i restart the squid, the internet in the ps3 disconnect! Someone knows how to fix this? Nov 3 , PM. Close Topic Options. Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board.

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How to use SKFU pr0xy

TS werksuckz. Feb 3 , AM, updated 11y ago Show posts by this member only Post 1. Top Quote Reply. Feb 3 , AM Show posts by this member only Post 2.

Feb 3 , AM Show posts by this member only Post 3. QUOTE vorchiel Feb 3 , AM i can help the testing if you want i'm thinking of using squid proxy for a start but i;m not sure whether it supports redirecting or not even though it has the caching utility.

Feb 3 , AM Show posts by this member only Post 4. Feb 3 , AM Show posts by this member only Post 5. Feb 3 , PM Show posts by this member only Post 6.

How to Use My IP Hide in PS3

Final Justice!!!!! Feb 3 , PM Show posts by this member only Post 7. Feb 3 , PM Show posts by this member only Post 8. Feb 3 , PM Show posts by this member only Post 9. Feb 3 , PM Show posts by this member only Post You will still need to copy the game to the connected Vita, look under Game in the XMB for the game after you have downloaded it. We will have to wait to see, considering that you have to make a SSL connection to sign into SEN in the first place, Sony have been allowing the Proxy to still work.

They could change their mind about PS4 content in which case we won't be able to use the Proxy anymore. Personally I think it will come down to what their stategy is to combating piracy on the PS4. Using the Proxy Server will often change the type of NAT connection you get, simply revert back to your original Internet Settings and it should go back to normal. Can I setup the Proxy Server to use local file links for multiple downloads?

This was possible before Sony changed to the current variable IP method which means this is no longer possible I am using a different version of PS3 Proxy Server, how do I? Sorry, this guide will only be for the latest version of PS3Prox. Yes you can, unfortunately you won't get any advice or tips on how to do that in this thread This program sucks, I am using XXXX instead, why didn't you do a Guide for that instead? This seems alot more complicated than I remember it being, what's changed?

Due to piracy and other questionable behaviour from some people, Sony introduced variable IP connections with Firmware 4.

VPN Connect via ICS for PC/Mac – VPNReactor Support

You know what needs to change in the PS3Prox program to make it work with the Variable IP's, why don't you just do it? I am not the creator of the program and I don't have the programming skills required to do so, maybe somebody else can. The program is used entirely at your own risk, it says so while you are installing it. I found XYZ wrong with this guide, can't you even make a simple guide? Last edited by creemyv; November 15th, at AM. Reason: Work In Progress "For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

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Saying Thanks:. Checked that PS3Prox runs without giving you any errors 4. Plugged the network cable into your PC and PS3 6. Make a note of this number, its always four numbers, in this case its This is normal 2. At this stage you can either download the file using your browser by clicking on the link 3. JPG B. Getting The Link Yourself If you don't find the link you are looking for in the Download list, all you have to do is start the download on your PS3 while connected to the Proxy and then cancel or pause it Returning to the Proxy you will find a new link to a PKG file This is the download link for the game you just tried to get, now you can use your preffered method to download the PKG file.

Don't forget to post the link in this thread so that it can be added to the download list for everyone else. Chances are someone has already downloaded the file you need and will be kind enough to post the link in the thread. Then all you have to do is use your preferred method of downloading the file Browser or Download Manager.