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Find the app whose icon you'd like to change. Expand its window and then expand the app's. For Evernote, for example, you would look for the Evernote. For an iPhone 3GS or earlier, scroll down until you see a file called icon.

This is the image the app uses for the iPhone. You will then need to swap in your new icon and name it icon. For iPhone 3GS, the size must be 57x57 pixels.

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For the iPad, an icon's size is 72x72 pixels. For the high-resolution iPhone 4, which I didn't test with, the size is x and the image is typically named icon 2x. Different apps use different naming conventions: I found also iPad icons named Icon-iPad. Create your image or find one online, without violating any copyright laws , and rename it using the exact name as the image you are replacing.

Remember, the image names are case-sensitive. Copy your new image into the same folder as the old image. Renaming the original image instead of deleting it will allow you to return to it should you not like the look of your new image.

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Eject your iOS device. Restart it by turning it off and then back on. You new icon should show up if not, check the spelling and capitalization on your icon's name , and you'll notice that iOS rounds the corners and gives it the glossy look to match the other icons on your device. How to set up Google's two-step verification: To better protect your digital life, specifically your Google account, turn on two-factor authentication for your Gmail account. With a few minutes of setup time, your account will be much more secure -- with very little hassle.

Try running the same command, but swap the places of betaRibbon. For this to work correctly, you need to resize betaRibbon.

Where Mac System Icons & Default Icons Are Located in Mac OS X

This is very easy in ImageMagick — just type:. This command resizes betaRibbon. Name the project Llama Trot , set the selected language to Swift, and set the device family to Universal. For simplicity, save the project to the desktop. Your goal is to have Xcode and ImageMagick generate an appropriate icon every time you build the project, based on the selected build configuration. Xcode has the ability to use run scripts to do things when your project is built.

How to customize the drive icons on your desktop (mac)

In your project, select the Llama Trot target, and navigate to Build Phases. Underneath the shell parameter is a box for you to enter your script. Type the line below into that box:. Build and run. You should see absolutely nothing interesting. Add all the app icons to your Images. In order do anything with the icons, your script needs to know where they are. Replace your run script with the following code:. Run your project and check the build report. Under that, you should see the folder path of your project directory:. To see these icons, right-click on the Application icon in that folder, and then select Show Package Contents.

For now they look perfectly normal! Now navigate to the second folder path that you echoed out.

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This is just your normal project folder. So where are the app icons? Open Images.

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The hard work is over. By combining the techniques from ImageMagick and your previous script, you end up with the following script. Make sure to update your script accordingly:. App icon names are not arbitrary. The name of the app icons must be like AppIcon60x60 2x.

Electron app icons | Christian Engvall

Xcode uses this naming convention to determine which icon to use based on which device is in use. You should see a modified icon:. Then execute that function for every icon that you have. This puts the entire image processing code into a function called generateIcon , and you pass the name of the icon to process as an argument. This is because the font size is expressed in pixels, and different device screens have different pixel densities.

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